Frozen Donor Egg Program

Reproductive Biology Associates is the founding partner of MyEggBank, a network of high-quality infertility centers providing frozen donor egg bank services to patients across the United States and Canada. By Utilizing the services of MyEggBank, you efficiently and cost effectively partner with us in your care. The frozen egg cycle will be planned and implemented around your busy schedule and we put you in control of the donor selection process. In addition, our program will provide your frozen donor egg cycle for a fraction of the cost of traditional donor cycles.

The frozen egg technology developed and utilized by RBA and MyEggBank results in substantial clinical and economic advantages over standard fresh cycles offered by conventional egg donation programs.

  • RBA’s frozen egg bank cumulative pregnancy rates mirror those of the world’s most successful fresh egg donation programs. The frozen egg pregnancy rate has been consistently above 65% since the egg bank opened in 2007.
  • RBA is able to provide frozen donor egg cycles to our patients at roughly half the price charged by conventional programs for fresh cycles.
  • Unlike some programs, our recipient and donor menstrual cycles do not have to be coordinated. As a result, the matching and transfer process can be conveniently timed around the schedule of our recipients. This approach allows recipients around the world to conveniently take advantage of MyEggBank.
  • Due to the convenience associated with RBA’s ability to bank frozen eggs, we are able to attract a broad selection of qualified egg donors. MyEggBank provides the largest inventory of highly screened donors.
  • The MyEggBank database allows RBA recipients to control the selection of their donor. Conventional egg donation programs bring recipients potential donors that “they” feel best match a recipient’s needs. By utilizing the MyEggBank database… ”you”, the recipient, direct the matching process.
  • By using frozen eggs, patients can limit the number of frozen embryos remaining after treatment is complete, thereby eliminating ethical concerns regarding disposition of embryos.

RBA and MyEggBank provides every recipient a dedicated customer care team throughout their journey.

 Financing and Guarantee Programs

RBA offers cycle financing and various forms of cycle outcome guarantees for MyEggBank recipients. Our Guarantee Plans are specifically designed to provide peace of mind for patients who require egg donation.

Contact our financial counselors for detailed information on these programs that are offered exclusively to RBA patients.

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