Live Birth, or Your Money Back
Now Guaranteed!

At RBA, we understand that patients who do not have the luxury of insurance coverage for fertility services, the financial aspect associated with such treatments is often a determining factor as to how far they can go in their quest to have a baby. Through our new R-Baby-Assurance program, we give our patients more financial options and more chances at conceiving a baby, in turn alleviating some of the stress that can be part of their fertility journey. Our program provides patients access to some of the highest success rates in reproductive therapy with the most included fresh cycles currently offered as part of a live birth refund guarantee and the only program that includes genetic testing. 

The R-Baby-Assurance IVF refund guarantee program gives eligible patients who are seeking in vitro fertility (IVF) services the opportunity to pay a flat fee with the guarantee that they will achieve their dream of taking home a baby, or they are provided a full refund.  The program fee costs range start as low as $19,000 and are based on set age qualifiers. 

Program Highlights:

Up to 7 Fresh IVF Cycles
Unlimited Frozen Embryo Transfers
Egg Retrieval, Embryo Creation, & Cryopreservation

PGT-A Included
Cycle Monitoring
Initial Pregnancy Testing

The cost of the program does not include IVF medications.

How to Qualify:

Patients eligible for the R-Baby-Assurance program include females under the age of 39 at the start of the program who wish to undergo IVF with their own eggs to obtain a pregnancy, whether for their own use with a male partner, female partner or a single female using donor sperm.  Additionally, patients must meet certain medical criteria, which are reviewed by RBA clinical leaders.

To qualify for this program, you must meet certain criteria.

Qualifying Criteria:

Age: Enter program by 39th birthday

AMH: Optimal level with a minimum at 2.0 with a BAF of at least 15+

BMI: <35

Uterus: Normal uterine cavity

Sperm: 5 million total motile

If you do not meet the medical requirements, other options and packages are available.

Patients who need to use donor eggs can apply for our Frozen Egg Advantage program (FEA) that also provides a live birth guarantee. For more information on this program please click here.

To discuss your fertility options and apply for this program, please register for a consultation with one of our fertility specialists here.

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