Fertility Discount Programs

Learn how to afford fertility treatments, including IUI and IVF.

At RBA, we believe that finances shouldn’t prevent anyone from fulfilling their dream to have or expand a family. We offer the latest advancements in fertility treatment in a cost-efficient manner. Affording infertility treatment is possible through our unique package programs and available financing options.

The program was designed specifically for our patients and their individual needs. RBA offers our multi-cycle IVF discount packages to make care more affordable should additional treatment cycles be required.

Atlanta Fertility Discount Programs
  • Two Cycle Package:  This program features up to two standard IVF cycles and, if needed, up to two additional frozen embryo transfers.
  • Three Cycle Package:  This program features up to three standard IVF cycles and up to three additional frozen embryo transfers, if needed.

What do the Multi-cycle IVF packages include?

  • Nurse Consultation/Teaching
  • Suppression check
  • Monitoring ultrasounds and bloodwork (up to 5 visits)
  • Pre-op appointment
  • Semen prep
  • Egg Retrieval & Fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Freezing/Vitrification (Embryos/ Oocytes)
  • 1st Year of Storage

How do I know if I am eligible for the Multi-Cycle discount packages?

Cost for fertility treatment varies, depending on a variety of factors (what treatment is recommended for you, how much medication you will need, whether insurance covers a portion of treatment, etc.) Our business office representatives work closely with you to utilize your maximum insurance benefits.

Embryo Accumulation Cycle Packages for Genetic Testing: This program offers IVF cycle discounts for patients that find they need more than one cycle to accumulate embryos that will be genetically tested prior to transfer.

Military Fertility Discount Program

At RBA, we pride ourselves on offering the most compassionate and personalized care possible!

In appreciation for our United States Armed Forces, we offer a 50% discount to all active military patients and a 20% discount for veterans on services performed in our office. Services eligible for the discount are: initial consult, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), ultrasounds, and any lab work or tests performed by our in-house laboratory (routine bloodwork and semen analysis).

Exclusions to this discount program are: genetic testing, storage fees, agency donor charges, donor egg bank cycles, fertility preservation, and any lab work or testing that is done outside of RBA.

To obtain the military discount, present your U.S. military identification card at check-out following your initial consultation.