Your Fertility Journey,
Made Easier!

At RBA, we understand that patients who do not have the luxury of insurance coverage for fertility services have an added financial aspect to consider, which is often a determining factor as to how far they can go in their quest to have a baby. Through our new BUNDL Fertility Program, we give our patients more financial options than ever before and more chances at conceiving a baby, in turn alleviating some of the stress that can be part of their fertility journey. With Bundl Fertility, you carry the baby and we’ll carry the financial risk.

When getting started, patients will work with their clinician and financial counselor to build a package of fertility services at a significantly discounted rate that best suits their family building needs. In addition, Bundl Fertility offers an added layer of financial protection allowing our patients to optimize their budget and minimize financial risk- while they focus on what matters most: creating their family.

The Bundl Fertility Packages give patients who are seeking intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertility (IVF), and donor egg recipient services the opportunity to finances payments with 100% refund financial protection. Patients will achieve their dream of taking home a baby, or they are provided a full refund through the Success Guard & Bundl Guard protection plans.

Program Highlights:

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