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Become an egg donor with RBA

Egg donors make families come true in Atlanta, Georgia and around the world.

If you’re considering donating your eggs to help someone else achieve their dream if having a child, thank you. You are creating an incredible, life changing opportunity for someone who can’t conceive on her own. At RBA, our dedicated physicians and staff make our donors; safety, privacy, respect, and dignity a top priority.

Why should I become an egg donor with RBA?

We’ve been working with egg donors since 1992 (first as Reproductive Biology Associates and now as part of the Prelude Network), and are founding partners of MyEggBank North America, the largest frozen donor egg bank in North America.

Free egg freezing benefit for egg donors

Unlike traditional programs with 6-9 months matching delays, once you are accepted as a RBA donor, there are no delays and your egg donation cycle is planned around your needs with no recipient cycle coordination required.

How does egg donation work?

Egg donation involves removing a few eggs from a women (donor) who is healthy and fertile. Using our proprietary technology, we freeze your eggs to make them available for use by people wishing to become parents who can’t conceive on their own.

  • Complete an egg donor application
    Once you complete the online application, we will schedule an appointment to evaluate your overall and reproductive health, genetic history and psychological well-being (at no charge to you). If approved as a potential donor, the donor team will arrange for a consultation to evaluate your overall fertility health.
  • Start the egg donation process
    If you are approved as an egg donor candidate, you will begin the initial process and preparation for egg stimulation. This means you’ll be given medication and monitored for approximately two weeks before your eggs are retrieved
  • Follow up and donor compensation
    Once your cycle is completed, your donor compensation will be quickly processed and given at your follow up evaluation.

“ You’d be surprised how many people need the help of an egg donor to create their family. I was inspired to donate my eggs because I knew I’d be making a direct impact on someone’s life. I felt really taken care of and it was actually an incredibly positive experience. After my egg donation, I was able to pay off some outstanding loans which was a big help. Overall, donating my eggs was a rewarding process.”

– RBA Donor

Become an Egg Donor with RBA in Atlanta, Georgia

Learn more about how you can help someone create a family. The first step is bringing your hope – and your questions! – to our team of specialists for an introductory conversation. We’re proud to care for donors and families throughout the the state of Georgia.