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As a patient of Reproductive Biology Associates, you get to choose the fertility doctor that’s the right match for your needs.

At RBA, clinical expertise, technological innovation and compassionate care are essential to our practice—and to our community of care. And when it comes to building your family, there’s no one who will have quite as much influence as your physician. Our doctors have nearly 200 years combined experience. And each member of our practice is an OB/GYN, reproductive endocrinologist and surgeon, as well as a fertility specialist. As an RBA patient, you get to choose the doctor that’s the right match for your needs, your personality and your plans. Schedule a consultation with one of our fertility doctors in one of our five locations in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area.

Andrew A. Toledo, M.D.
Andrew A. Toledo, M.D.Reproductive Endocrinologist
Jessica R. Rubin, M.D.
Jessica R. Rubin, M.D.Reproductive Endocrinologist
Daniel B. Shapiro, M.D.
Daniel B. Shapiro, M.D.Reproductive Endocrinologist
Scott M. Slayden, M.D.
Scott M. Slayden, M.D.Reproductive Endocrinologist
Monica W. Best, M.D.
Monica W. Best, M.D.Reproductive Endocrinologist
Robert J. Straub, M.D.
Robert J. Straub, M.D.Reproductive Endocrinologist
Michael A. Witt, M.D.
Michael A. Witt, M.D.Urologist
Zsolt Peter Nagy, Ph.D.
Zsolt Peter Nagy, Ph.D.(Embryology)
Dr. Erin Ilana Lewis
Dr. Erin Ilana LewisReproductive Endocrinologist
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