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From the time we opened our doors in 1983, we understood Reproductive Biology Associates would deliver an approach that’s different from most practices—one that treats the couple, and provides customized care to meet their needs. After all, the diagnosis and treatment of infertility may not be as cut-and-dried as other disciplines. That’s why RBA is a full-service center, providing diagnosis, counseling and treatment for all causes of infertility—as well as other vital reproductive services.

While we may be renowned for our successes in assisted reproductive technologies, RBA is much more than an “IVF clinic.” Whether your diagnosis involves female-factor or male-factor infertility (or a combination of both), we provide expert treatment for the full spectrum of infertility causes—including tubal factors, endometriosis, hormonal disorders, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOS/PCOD) uterine abnormalities, varicocele, azoospermia and more. In addition, our team of doctors, embryologists and nurses at RBA is highly adept at diagnosing and treating recurrent miscarriage (also known as recurrent pregnancy loss, or RPL). RBA also provides a number of other important reproductive services, including egg freezing and fertility preservation, vasectomy reversal, genetic counseling and embryo testing, and egg donation.

Should your care require additional treatment such as surgery, you won’t have to leave our practice to get it. Every appointment, every test, every procedure takes place right here at RBA—at a location that’s convenient to you, and with the team you know and trust. And we do it all with one goal in mind: helping you create your family—efficiently, affordably and compassionately.

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