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Complete Fertility Care & IVF in Atlanta

With over 35,000 babies and counting, RBA has been a world leader in providing compassionate and efficient fertility treatment since 1983.

At RBA, we understand the challenges of infertility and, in our 35+ years of clinical practice, we’ve also come to understand that behind every challenge is something even greater: Hope.

RBA provides you with personalized care from our renowned clinical experts and the most advanced medical treatments and technology available.  More than that, you get a professional family dedicated to helping you create “your” family as quickly and affordably as possible. Our care team will guide and support you throughout your journey—from your first consultation to your first congratulations.

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About Us

Reproductive Biology Associates is different from other practices. Since 1983, we’ve pioneered some of the world’s most advanced technologies and procedures in the treatment of infertility. Over the past 35+ years, we’ve helped couples have more than 30,000 babies. The real difference, though, is in our approach. RBA provides patients like you with the best clinical pathways to pregnancy, along with the best financial solutions with the goal of achieving your pregnancy efficiently and affordably.

More About Us

One of Our Goals: To Provide Atlanta’s Best Fertility
Clinic Experience

Reproductive Biology Associates provides a fertility clinic experience that meets the unique needs of patients and supports their goals with expert and exceptional fertility care.

Success for Families in
Georgia and Worldwide

Due to advances in fertility treatments pioneered by RBA, we are able to offer our patients more efficient and economic care. Explore our history and review our IVF success rates.

Understand IVF Costs,
Insurance and Financing

Our team will help you understand financing and insurance options as you explore the cost of fertility treatment. Learn about the cost of IVF, IUI, Egg Freezing and more.

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Patient Testimonials

“All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.
The joy you have given us is immeasurable.”

I saw Dr. Slayden in Lawrenceville and have nothing but great things to say about this practice. I work for an OB/GYN and we refer a ton of patients to this office as well! Dr. Slayden and the staff are wonderful and helped me through all of the tough decisions and are very empathetic to the situation at hand. I would recommend RBA in a heartbeat!!

RBA Patient

We couldn’t have had our beautiful baby girl without the help of Dr. Toledo and his staff at RBA. For 2 and a half years we dreamed of holding our child in our arms and loving him or her with all of our hearts and we are so thankful to RBA for helping us finally make that dream come true!!

RBA Patient

Dr. Shapiro was referred to me by a friend of mine and I immediately felt relieved by his expertise, and his humor was a warm welcome. All the doctors and nurses and even the receptionist were so friendly and warm that we felt right at home. They were able to get me in and started with my surgeries and treatments immediately which we were really happy about. I recommend this team to anyone that I come across that is having difficulty getting pregnant. If we ever decide to have more children, we would definitely go back to RBA.

RBA Patients

I loved this place and I was sad when I had to start going to my regular ob when I got pregnant. Lots of hand holding, all the nurses are awesome, lots of convenient locations. The doctor (dr straub) talked to me like a normal person and was straight forward. I am very happy with this place and I would highly recommend.

RBA Patient

I am grateful for the compassionate and caring staff at RBA and the advances in medical science that have given women like myself hope for a family. As a single woman late in her childbearing years, I never imagined fertility preservation would be part of my plan, much less an empowering process in my fertility journey. It’s a decision I have no regrets about making, and I encourage others to explore this option for themselves.

RBA Patient

Dr. Toledo and his team are amazing! They truly make you feel like family when you walk in. From the people who take blood to his secretary to the ultrasound technicians to the nurses you truly feel at home and with family in his office!!

RBA Patient

Dr. Brahma is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met! I saw 2 fertility doctors at 2 different clinics before God lead me to her! She is everything My husband and I needed emotionally and physically in battling infertility. She made me feel confident again and gave my husband and I a sense of hope and peace that we had longed for in a doctor! Thank you Dr. Brahma for not only one IVF blessing but two! We have a 20 month old baby girl who is our whole world and we are currently 6 months pregnant with a baby boy who we expect to ROCK our whole world!

RBA Patient

My wife and I have been with Dr. Best for about 6 months now and could not be happier with her and the services that we receive as patients. Dr. Best is knowledgeable, warm hearted, and is always wearing a smile on her face. My wife and I feel both welcome and confident under her care. I recommend Dr. Best and RBA for anyone looking for conception care.

RBA Patient

Reproductive Biology Associates is proud to have worked with thousands of patients who have achieved their dreams of parenthood through our compassionate, state-of-the-art infertility care.

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